Chardonnay, Hooray!

So now you see me walking down the street
I’ve got this typical style of hair
and this typical style of clothes and you see me and you smile
but what you don’t realize is that I’m 12 years ahead of you
where everything you own is retro now
I see you, man, and I’m laughing at your sense of cool ’cause
I’m ahead of the curve…

“Ahead of the Curve” by Jim’s Big Ego

Yeah, yeah, I know – chardonnay is so late 20th century! Well, sorry, but a good wine is a good wine, no matter what the fashionistas tell you. I for one have been a chardonnay fan since before the rage and will continue to be no matter what the latest thing may be. And summertime, my friends, is one of my favorite seasons for hanging out on the deck and sipping a little of this tasty elixir.

I’ve got quite a few of these white beauties on my favorites list, but I’ve got two that are my particular standbys. One is a wonderful affordable wine from Australia, McWilliam’s Hanwood Estate Chardonnay. The other is also nicely affordable, especially when on sale: Gallo Sonoma Reserve Chardonnay. I used to have an aversion to California wines – going with Australian or Pacific Northwest wines pretty steadily – but then my buddy Ken turned me on to Gallo Sonoma, and I jettisoned my anti-California prejudice immediately. Both of these wines make use of malolactic fermentation, adding a buttery taste and mouth feel. Both are pleasantly complex and are perfect either on their own or with food.

So stay ahead of the curve and enjoy a great chardonnay today!


One response to “Chardonnay, Hooray!

  1. Why thank you I think I will 😉
    Enjoy your writing very much!


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