Welcome to LJ’s Place

Here it is, my little place in the blogosphere. Way way back in the mid ’90s, I used to have a website called LJ’s Place by the Sea. The site had sections on raising plants from seed, growing roses, and enjoying good but inexpensive wine. The site was continually being updated with additions to existing pages and was always “under construction”.

Little did I know back then that what I really wanted was a blog. Of course, blogs didn’t exist back then, so who can blame me? šŸ˜‰ Anyway, blogs do exist now, and this one will be my place of desultory musings on seeds, roses, wine, and probably a couple other things that strike my fancy.

I’m hoping I’ll enjoy this little place. And if you enjoy it, too, so much the better!


2 responses to “Welcome to LJ’s Place

  1. A nice introduction, LJ. My grandmother made wine from grapes on her arbor that went the length of her back yard. We used to love to run through it — it was actually beautiful as well as practical. I only was permitted to taste the wine when I turned 16, and one sip was enough for me. I didn’t taste wine again for many years. Now I’ll enjoy whatever you write about it. (Though one glass is all I can handle.)

    Barb šŸ™‚

  2. WOW! Wine and gardening? This sounds like my kind of place!

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